How our periods make us more attractive in love

The first time I got my period with my now man

everything was new.

new bed. new love.

a friend of mine told me her boyfriend hated when she wore pads to bed,  another of one my friends said that every time her period came around, she and her man got into a fight. like clockwork. every month.

yikes. neither one of those sounded particularly romantic and this was a new romantic relationship. oh shit.

Somehow with my last boyfriend, I never had my period and saw him at the same time…it just seemed to work out that way.

In addition, up until that time, almost everything seen on television and the media made it seem like periods were often the brunt of jokes and badly timed one liners from men; ‘honey, is it that time of the month again?  or ‘geez, you must be on your period’.

It made me feel that periods were a thing that created distance between partners.

That scared me. I was feeling worried that this would create distance with us too. Create distance with something so wonderful that had just started.

So remembering all of this as I stood washing my hands in the bathroom, I started my walk into the bedroom feeling slightly ashamed that just one day after being physically intimate with this man, I was now bleeding, bloated and crampy.

That night I got into bed, not naked, as I had the night before but cozy in a big t-shirt…feeling strange that this man that I had just started being intimate with, I now had my period with.

He told me later that I sort of apologized for having it.

I probably did. I was so uncomfortable. There was some shame and something that felt private to me, now exposed so soon.

That was the beginning. Luckily, it gets better.

I thank my lucky stars that I AM a relationship coach.  Which means not only do I know what works; I am also a passionate student of subjects like love and attraction. I quench myself on what it means to be magnetic, vulnerable, and feminine and I get to refine my skills as a woman in love day in and day out.

I am constantly and super vulnerable with my man and with you.  I mean, How often do we read articles about relationships and periods? I have seen NONE.  but I want to be. Because this is what I want to share with you here.

Our periods are incredible for relationships.  It gives us the opportunity  EVERY MONTH to go deeper inside ourselves and to go deeper emotionally with our men.

Let’s talk about how.

I’ll be sharing with you how our monthly cycles can help us be more attractive.  How they can help us grow our relationships.  And I’ll be sharing with you what happens during my own monthly cycle and how this looks for me so you can begin to implement this in your own life. and your own cycle with your man.

1. Periods give us the chance to work stuff out.

Periods are so interesting in romantic relationships because they bring up a lot of our stuff.

We often feel moody, crampy, tired, exhausted,

Then there’s also the feelings of feeling dirty, gross, unattractive, big, blah…. none of which are typically characteristics that we hear make us irresistible to men… right, the opposite really.

Well, our periods give us the chance to be ok with these feelings. Feeling accepted and loved for who we are is one of our greatest desires as women.  What if we could give that to ourselves first. Don’t you think that a man would follow suit?

The emotions that come up during our periods. are not one we associate we lightness. or ease.

they are dark.  they are not ones people would feel proud to admit feeling or being.  they are not very popular on the goddess movement…but they are SO REAL. they are SO human.  At the end of the day a man wants to feel like he can relate to you.  That he’ll be accepted by you.  There is nothing that makes a man feel safer than a woman who can feel dirty, gross, big and blahh, and be totally ok with it.  That’s a signal that he can be ok with those dark, very human parts of himself too.

2. Our periods give us the chance to be deeper, richer feminine women.

We need to rest more. relax more. we slow down. Actually we become very sensual because we are focused on our bodies and the sensations we feel.

When I tell my man I need to rest during my period, often he will come over to me, take my hand, lead me to the bedroom and lie down with me as I rest in his arms. I let go.

 3. Our periods give us the chance to open our hearts.

We grow more sensitive…easily emotionally touched.

And what is it that men want?  They want a woman who can feel her feelings.  really, truly, feel them.

Some fear may come up around this because we’ve been taught otherwise. But it’s simply not true.

He’s been there with me as a I cry tears of whatever needs to flow.

4. Our periods give us the chance to ask for what we want

It’s true. We need some extra TLC during our periods.  Ask for it.  It’s ok that you need it. Remember one of a man’s greatest drives is to give.  to provide. to serve.  And he wants to do this for his woman too.

I am a woman who loves to be touched and often any pain I feel is greatly alleviated by it.  All I have to do is ask. Or simply tell him that I hurt. He’ll massage the back of my head and neck if I feel tense and strokes my belly when I’m crampy. He’s fetched hot water bottles for me and made me the tea of my choose. all to help make me feel better.

5. Our periods give us the chance to let a man in and love us more deeply.

This is a time to get really into yourself
you know how men are into us? and you are into men?
you get into you.

this is a time for a man to see how much you care about you.  which makes him more into you.

This is a time for you to let him give to you.
kneel down, kiss your belly.  look into your eyes and say “I’m sorry you’re hurting.” or “What can I do for you?”

And for you to say yes…

Having my period,  allowing myself to be ok with that, has allowed me to fall more in love with my man
and to simply let myself be a WOMAN with him.

A real woman.

And a real woman IN LOVE.


Sealed with a kiss,



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