Venus Affirmations












Quickly, easily and pleasurably shift from…..

scared                                     TO….                                peaceful/happy
anxious                                   TO….                               relaxed
depressed                               TO….                               vivacious
hopeless                                  TO….                               excited for your life!
fearful                                     TO….                               trusting
insecure                                  TO….                               confident!
upset                                        TO….                              good, joyful
angry                                      TO….                              blissful
closed up and shut down    TO….                              able to receive so much love
unworthy                               TO….                              absolutely priceless

Venus affirmations gently cultivate a whole new way of positive thinking in your love life. They are designed to support you, uplift you and garner new trust, confidence and joy in your love life.

This will help dissolve blocks you have to love, will help lift you out of old patterns and establish new ones that actually support you in having a great love life.

You will strengthen your femininity,  confidence, and trust in yourself!

You will also awaken your own emotions… your ability to lead with your heart… You will strengthen your ability to be open not only to a man but to receiving his love.  And bringing out the very best in him as well.

And you’ll find yourself happier…which for me is the ultimate prize.

It is for a man too…The Greatest gift you can give to a man is your happiness…

“Happy Girls are the prettiest girls”


Your choice:

1.  For women in a relationship

This includes two affirmations sets.  One for self love to cultivate a fountain of self love inside of you as well as feeling love come to you from everywhere

One to help you feel and become more attractive in your relationship as well as to deepen and strengthen the connection between you and your man.  This is for the woman who wants to feel cherished, adored and in love forever with her partner!

2. For women wanting to be in a relationship

This includes two affirmation sets.  One for self love to grow the belief that you are ENOUGH. Worthy of love!  And that Love is everywhere and coming to you right now.  It will help your radiance grow brighter and open your heart so incredible men can find you.

And one to help you feel confident on dates and interactions with men; relaxed, happy and feeling like a treasure worth being pursued again and again…and fallen in love with. 😉

All Affirmations are recorded as mp3s so you can listen to them ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and will be sent to your inbox with lots and lots of magic, light and love. 😀


Venus Affirmations


If you want a committed relationship that just sings, you must also be committed to yourself and your desire for a great great love.  Because I know how helpful these will be in helping you have a great love life, there are no refunds available. Welcome! And enjoy. lots of love. <3<3