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Let’s turn things around fast. Wherever you are. Couple in love - Beginning of a Love Story

All love stories have a beginning. Start here.

I know what it’s like to be miserable in love.  And I do not want you to have to suffer for one more minute.  Get to know what’s really going on.  And how much power you have to turn your relationship, or even a very painful past in love into something spectacular.  Into something that just lights you up. So that you feel head over heels JOYFUL! and IN LOVE!

I do not want you to have just a nice experience on these complimentary calls. I want to offer something instead, that can CREATE lasting  CHANGE.

Here’s a glimpse of what happens on “Awaken Love”callinginlove

  • ~ Learn what your specific shells are that push men and love away from you.
  • ~ My intuitive feedback and guidance on what is challenging you naturally in attracting men, and having a great relationship (whether you are in a relationship, married or looking for love)

I named these calls “Awaken your Love ” to do just that.

Awaken you to love
Awaken you to the love inside of you
Awaken you to the love you so desire to have!

Awaken you to your love goddess.

She’s inside of you already.  Would you like to meet her?

Email us at [email protected] We can’t wait to meet YOU!