Successful online dating; Become the Belle of the Ball!

Whoever said online dating was hard…just had a bad attitude… (or definitely not a Venus attitude 😉

It does not have to be that way AT ALL!

It can be really fun and really romantic

And it can move your life into unimaginably beautiful avenues.

Let me count the ways:Beautiful couple in love

  1. Online dating is a great and gentle introduction/reintroduction to dating and to men
  2. You learn how to attract men and keep the attraction going strong and hot and steady… oh my
  3. Easy communication! at last! And with me you learn how to talk to men in a way that draws them close, very very close 😉
  4. Conflict no more! You learn how to handle tense moments, awkward incidents and miscommunications.
  5. Increase your capacity for receiving attention, affection, and love… all things we say we want!

Best of all!

If you are a woman who does not want to waste any more time and wants a man and a relationship like RIGHT NOW, online dating gives you the opportunity to practice all these with lots of men at the same time!

The bells of success are ringing now!!

And for you, ma Belle!

Bronze bells ringing in the wind under the roof of a Buddhist temple

  • This will also be perfect for the woman who feels shy…
  • The woman who needs to ease into romance again…
  • The woman who wants to date but feels hesitant or anxious…


This is the confidence boost you need to really become the Belle of the Dating ball.

It’s your turn!  Take a twirl!


And you know, this is one of my favorite aspects of coaching —

helping women become the most attractive version of themselves…

helping women open up to realizing and believing that they are incredibly deserving of love…and incredibly desirable.

I love it so much I turned it into a program!

And I joyfully infused it with some of my other talents:

in writing, in creating poetry, my eye for beauty, and my deep understanding and embodiment of femininity, sensuality and attraction.

I cheerlead you and guide you to a place and a profile that gorgeously reflects the life and essence of who you really are as a woman.

This is a really fun and fresh process.

And every woman’s profile will be unique just like her.

But what they will have in common:

a profile that makes men stop and stare.

a profile that makes his heart beat faster…

a profile that creates deep attraction and invites him in fully, appealingly, devastatingly to the beauty of who you really are…

He’s not going to want to go ANYWHERE!


Happy woman daydreaming about love in officeWe work so hard to say things we think are cute, say things we think are going to get attention…

yet these are things that completely turn men offbecause it’s not real!

You are already enough…and you’ll see that when we write your profile…it will be a stunning reflection of who you really are…

And what man couldn’t love that?


I thought about writing a few articles on online dating – but if this were me, I’d want personal support walking me through the process and keeping me uplifted.  Plus, the truth is I really love actively working with my clients, my Mighty Aphrodites!

so are you ready for the details of how this is going to look?

This program is individual coaching for a truly individual woman!


Successful online dating! Become the belle of the ball

Week 1: All about YOU!

This 50 minute call will be all about you!

What turns you on in love? What do you love? What do you savor? feel passionate about?  I want to get to know you!

What are you desiring from your online dating experience?

What kind of relationship do you want?

What is the kind of happily ever after experience you are dreaming of in love?

How do you currently feel about dating?  Any and every opinion and feeling is welcome! Let’s sort them out and work through them together.

Intro of feeling messages and their importance in attracting a man.
Learning the energy dynamic that creates dynamo attraction and romance. Indeed 😉


Week 2: Your profile is a love letter and a call for love…
dry red rose and old love lettersSo LET’S MAKE IT AWESOME and UNFORGETTABLE!
This is my time to give your profile a complete makeover or create it from scratch!

I will be drafting your profile and help you put out the most attractive, authentic offering of you.




Week 3: Be the Belle of the Ball!

"In the Vortex of the Waltz" by Vladimir Pervuninsky

“In the Vortex of the Waltz” by Vladimir Pervuninsky

This 50 minute call will help you stay relaxed, open, easy and happy…so you’ll just want to keep dancing (or dating) all day long 😉

How is it going?: Talking about any concerns and celebrating successes so far.

My top ‘Yay’s’ and ‘Nay’s’ of online dating.

How to respond to men – using an amazing three sentence method developed by my trainer and amazing love coach Rori Raye.

How to not feel flooded or overwhelmed when so many suitors come to call 😉

The power of scripting… and scripting practice – great for in person dates, phone calls, email messages… this makes your communication skills to die for!

You’ll also earn the rule of minimum effort which means maximum pleasure and joy for you.

I can’t wait to help you get ready for the time of your life and  love of your life.

Successful Online Dating: Become the Belle of the Ball



Sealed with a kiss,