Becoming wealthy should feel as good as falling in love!


Welcome to Magnetic to Men and Money™

An 8 week private course with Birth of Venus Coaching.


Men and Money.

Despite, songs about it and fights about it, Money and Love are not opposites. They do not want to be pitted against each other. And in my book it’s not one or the other. It’s not money OR love.  It’s both.

We can have both. We can have much as we want of both. And we can experience this far more easily when we realize HOW similar they are. And how SIMILAR WE TREAT THEM.

As a relationship coach, I tend to look at everything in relationships. Money is no different. It’s a face to face relationship. It’s real and alive every second.  It can be intimate. soul satisfying. romantic. juicy. even sexy. (Yes, a relationship with money can be very very sexy!) or it can be dramatic, painful, frustrating, and very, very disappointing.

Up until now the way most have us have been taught or learnt to look at money is more on the negative side of relationshipsThere is a lot of fear.  A lot of worry, mistrust, and doubt.

And if you put those ingredients into a relationship, you don’t get a very happy one.  In fact I bet most of the time you feel insecure and uncertain, as well as unsatisfied with the amount of money you have, the amount you’re receiving every month and how it always seems to go so quickly. It’s there and then it’s not. You’re resentful and scared.

And what you want most…You want it to stay. Stay by your side. You want to feel supported by it. Excited to be with it. And have that relaxed knowing, almost like a sigh of ease, that you can rely on it. Trust it, that it has your back.

uhh, Does this sounds like something else?

Yea! men!

That sturdy foundation we are also deeply, soul deeply craving and desiring with men. with your man. even if he’s not there yet.

The pure bliss of feeling that not only is your man there for you but that you are his ONE AND ONLY.  The greatest prize he wants to win. day after day. minute after minute…

You can have this. You can have both.

Imagine never having to be in the position where you have to choose between what your heart desires and money.  Nor will you even need to think twice whether or not you’ll have and experience the joys of either.

Because you will be MAGNETIC TO MEN AND MONEY.

This 8 week program is designed to help you build a solid foundation of security, confidence, and worth, that sky rocket the amount of happiness, success, and love you experience with men and money.




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