Essential Oils for Sensuality, Romance and Love

I listened to her call about summertime essential oils and I was hooked! That’s why I asked Great Braun to be a guest on  Birth of Venus Coaching. This time… to talk about essential oils for love, romance and sensuality.  Greta is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Mindset Coach and Wellness Advocate for Essential Oils. More about her here. She is doing this love themed interview exclusively as a treat for us here at Birth of Venus Coaching.

And I couldn’t be more excited! especially because she is throwing in samples for us.  yes we all love bonuses. and yes the call is free! So the first 10 women who sign up for the interview with Greta will receive samples of EACH oil that will be discussed on the call.

While those specific oils will remain a surprise (have a pen and paper ready!), here’s what else we’ll be talking about on Tuesday, April 25th:

* What essential oils are

* Why they are so powerful and helpful for us.

*How they can increase and strengthen OUR LOVE LIFE AND RELATIONSHIPS.

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Followed by a spotlight on oils:

*  Which oils help us feel more sensual, grounded and alive in our bodies.

*  Which oils fill us up with love for ourselves and increase our confidence when we are feeling less than.

* Which oils increase our inner strength and open up our hearts for more love.

*  Oils for Beauty

*  Which oils allow us to feel more feminine,sexy and attractive.

*  And which oils invoke romance as well as bring us totally and utterly ‘in the mood’.

Women have been using essential oils for centuries to increase attraction.  Let’s use these to fill our lives with incredible aromas and nurture us inside and out to help us have INCREDIBLE Love lives.

Meet us on Tuesday, August 25th on this interview.

Essential oils for more sensuality, romance and love.”

with Amanda Neill and Greta Braun

10am PST/1 pm EST/6pm UK/7pm Europe


And yes, there will be a recording 🙂








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