Praise for Amanda

 Julie Santiago – Beautiful, soft, vulnerable, goddess of love.” 



Sally  – Amazing work you are doing Amanda. I am in awe of your intuitions and insights that seem to come so naturally to you. And I love that your work is not prescriptive at all and that you are able to figure out what I need right at that moment according to what I am saying or doing or feeling. Not many people can do that. It is your gift for the world for sure. So wonderful that you have found this work and are serving in this wonderful way. As I have said many times, I have had intensive therapy and healing with many practitioners over the past ten years and I feel like I have made break throughs in two sessions with you that amount to more than all of those years put together.


Kathryn – “I feel so incredibly lucky to know you. Your attitude about love and relationships has transformed my reality and raised my vibration.  You are a stunning example.

You have inspired me to heal my relationship with relationships.  I have a man in my life who feels so safe and communicates so well. I don’t feel suffocated or stressed (which was my old pattern). I don’t have expectations of who he should be, I simply like him for who he is. In return I feel so comfortable to be all of who I am with him. I’m so comfortable and peaceful when I am with him and when we are apart.

I have never felt this way in a dating setting. I have never had it feel so easy and effortless…


Desiree Marie Leedo – “Amanda Neill is the real deal.  Working with her is a powerful experience in opening you heart, mind and soul to the deepest parts within that keep you from experiencing yourself as a beautiful, feminine and cherished woman through the love of a good man.  If it’s your heart’s desires to find your way to an entirely new and exquisite way of being in this world as a woman then I can’t recommend working with her highly enough.”

 ~  Author & Founder of Invisible Goddess: Heal Your Breakup & Create a Life You Love (


C. Adams“I just want you to know that I am really liking this man I am seeing so thank you for helping me find a strong potential for a partner. You are a wonderful love coach and beautiful woman!”


Magnolia –  “Amanda has an amazing presence and vibe, I felt her calming and healing energy from the very first contact we made via email. While I tried a few other coaches as well, what I loved about Amanda was that she did not feel all strictly business like. She was there to walk the extra mile with me to help see me through my problems. She was detailed and thorough in addressing issues. I can’t thank her enough for that. She has helped me see various layers and sides of myself that I wasn’t fully aware of, helping me through specific situations in my relationship as well as my over all well being to become a more feminine and whole person.”

~ Ph.D Candidate, New Jersey


Ava Waits – I have huge gratitude for Amanda Neill, who worked with me for over a year to develop ideas for her business, Birth of Venus Coaching.

Here’s why:

~ First, nearly a year ago, she found my work about releasing financial constriction through the web of social media. She literally said yes to joining my 30 Days to Release Your Financial Constriction program within an hour of seeing the opportunity.

~ Although we didn’t know each other before this, Amanda chose to work with me based on her intuition, and I’ve watched her continue to follow her inner guidance about many decisions since then.

~ She adores her clients, and I see how much she cares for their happiness. For those of you who plan to have Amanda be your guide in relationships and romance, just know that you are in the best of hands.

– Inspirational speaker, business mentor, sales trainer


Heather – “Amanda is an AMAZING coach and genuinely wants the best for all of her clients! Amanda has really supported and guided me in finding my feminine, inner confidence. The tools I have learned from Amanda have not only strengthened my relationships with men, but my other relationships, with family and friends and also my relationship with myself. I use her tools and guidance everyday, in every situation and thank her deeply for it!!” –

~ Preschool Teacher, Iowa


Teresa Principe – “This Euphoric state I am feeling is beyond where I could have imagined this work to have gone …. after these sessions with Amanda, the time, quality and juice that continues to pour out and flow through me and our work together has created this beautiful unfoldment of love on so many levels! Thank you Amanda!!” xo 



Tanja Woitasczyk – “I think about you often, because to me you embody femininity so beautifully. Seeing the image of you in my mind reduces any fears…about being judged by others for daring to stand out etc. Thank you for shining your light and thereby allowing others to do the same.” –