I made a promise to myself over 5 years ago today… I WILL NEVER BE broken up with again.

I will never have my heart broken again in love.  I deserve better and so do you.

Please – Don’t hire a man any longer to disappoint you, hurt you or even WORSE, break your heart!

Hire me instead to help you bust through the shell that has kept your heart and body on lock down for so long.

The shell that has kept you stuck in the same frustrating relationship patterns for years.

The shell that has kept you insecure, desperate, and awake at night; lonely and wondering what you’re doing wrong.

I’ve been there and I don’t want you to suffer or long for love ONE second more!

Zuber-Buhler_Birth_of_VenusYou are WORTH having the relationship of your dreams!

You CAN have the love you want.

You CAN get the attention and affection you crave.

You already are a Modern Day Venus.

Own it and BE HIS VENUS now.

And along the way –

Simply transform into the most attractive, magnetic, irresistible woman, no man wants to be without!

You’re worth it!

Contact Team@BirthofVenusCoaching for a time to talk to get to know about each program. When we speak, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and choose which fits best for you and your desire to have an incredible relationship.

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