Modern Day Venus Must Haves

Happy woman

There are just SOME things every woman must have in her collection!

1.  I’m starting the list off with in what is in my opinion the ROMANCE BIBLE!  I always have this open on my computer for quick reference. If you are looking for a solid foundation and explanation of the basics of the Rori Raye method and something to go back to between sessions…this is FOR YOU!

This e-book goes for $19.97 but its worth is tenfold. Click here to find out more.

Have The Relationship You Want eBook:have the relationship you want






2.  SWEET and SPICY…two of my best qualities, at least that’s what I’ve heard 😉

images-8And this “Modern Day Venus Must Have”  has them too!

Introducing “Love Oil” by Pratima Skincare.

Creator Dr. Pratima Raichur explains, ” this unique, nurturing body oil is sweet and spicyjust like love itself,. Pure organic essences of Cinnamon, Clove and Cardamom combine to create the warm, nurturing feeling of being cared for, while nourishing Sweet Almond Oil works with Lavender, Rose and Vanilla to hydrate, soothe and deeply soften the skin.”

It’s sure called Love oil for a reason!

I anoint my body with this every morning and I can’t think of a JUICIER, more sensual way to begin my day.


young beautiful woman lays on a grass in park with a diary in hands3. A DIARY!

Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows herself inside and out…and journaling is one of the BEST ways I know to reach those deep, hidden, often untouched territories of our feminine hearts and souls.

It’s also great for clearing away confusion when your thoughts are on overdrive…sound familiar?

And if you’re anything like me and tend to hold on to your feelings or get stuck in them, journaling helps you move through them and out onto the other side, so you’re feeling better fast!

Find something pretty, something that makes you feel good and totally inspired to tear it open and start writing!