The power of your Eyes

-3The first text my man wrote me  was this: “So nice to meet your eyes…”

It arrived as I was on my train back home to Prague, I knew I felt totally intrigued by him…and I knew I had TOTALLY captured his interest and at least part of his heart, thanks to my eyes…

So One of the first tips i have for women who want to be in a relationship is this!

Use your eyes. 

Your eyes have power.  especially when they make EYE CONTACT.

Eye contact increases:

– Attraction
– Connection
– Trust
– Openness
– Communication
– Interest
– Romance

Most people have a hard time doing this… Don’t give into the urge of looking immediately away. That’s actually protecting yourself instead of opening.

So I’d recommend practicing! If a man looks at you (as long as you don’t feel in danger). Keep eye contact for a few seconds.

Start with one second, work your way up to 5 seconds.
And let me know what happens!

Sealed with a kiss,



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