12 Days to More Love: Day 11

*** 12 days of Christmas 12 LOVE AFFIRMATIONS ***

5047d4aa7d5361b6a6986f7ee1867f41On the 11th day of Christmas, my true LOVE said to me:

 “Regardless of the opinions and voices around me, what I want in MY love life, and who I want to be with matters MOST. I am the leading lady in my life. and in my love life. the ONE and ONLY.”

This one is a fireball of power and self empowerment. and for more affirmations go here: http://archive.aweber.com/default3378389/EAoor/h/12_days_to_more_love_a.htm

or the blog at www.birthofvenuscoaching.com

Love and fire,

photo credit: ladolfinalifestyle.com via pinterest

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