You NO LONGER have to work for money OR for a man.


You NO LONGER have to work for money OR for a man.
I’ll show you how.

It’s Teleseminar time with the Modern Day Venus 😉


We’ve been taught to work for what we want.  Work for good grades, a good job, good hair ;-). And it’s natural to extend this principle into our love lives.
But it really doesn’t work. It’s actually stopping you from the level and quality of love you are experiencing RIGHT NOW in your life.
 oF42pkFudLwqnudTg3v_crEqvNeznjKnEv0MuTjFQ3YWhat this does do is make us as women feel incredibly needy, insecure, and feeling unsure of our own worthiness to be with a man. And be loved by him. The way our hearts are yearning, and craving, and crying to be loved.
One day when I was musing about relationships, I sort of had a break in the clouds moment. The moment when the sun shines through the darkness and everything becomes clear. I began to realize how incredibly similar the way I looked at men was to the way I looked at money. hmmm…
Mind boggling similiar.
Unsure? Take a look at this.
 The way we think about men is very similar to the way we think about money
~ We wonder why men don’t notice us, aren’t calling or aren’t moving the relationship forward even though we’ve done everything to make ourselves attractive.  and make it clear we like him…
~ We wonder why the money isn’t coming or why there is so little of it, even though we’re working so hard for it. We put in so many hours…so many meetings. so many trainings…
The way we act with men is very similiar to the way we act with money.
~ We chase men. We wait. We over analyze. We freak out. We worry…
~ We chase numbers. We wait for money. We over analyze and turn figures over and over in our heads. We freak out if there hasn’t been enough or there isn’t enough.  We worry,  we worry, we worry about money…
And we feel frustrated by the amount of struggle with both.
This is not ok. And I’m here to say this is NOT the way things have to be at all!  I believe and I KNOW there is a much easier way to attract both into our lives in vast quantities. There is a way to be ABSOLUTELY irresistible to both money and men.
That’s why I’m inviting you to this 2 part free teleseminar series beginning this Saturday, January 31st.  I want to get very clear about exactly HOW we work for money. And for men.
On the first call, I get right into the specifics.
  • ~ What ‘working’ for men and money actually means.
  • ~ The top 5 behaviors that are keeping us from more money and more love.
    • These are the most common behaviors I have seen woman after woman fall into…regardless of her station in life, her beauty, her intelligence, or her good hair 😉
    • And that most of us are doing right now.
  • ~ You’ll learn what’s really behind these behaviors.
  • ~ And what REALLY, TRULY impresses a man.
My d-zHq6BaNrXkLllxby_xH9__bfJyMfkWw-LIYAzwsLu8ear, we have ALREADY earned our right to have a living and have great love in our lives. It’s time we feel WORTHY OF THEM. 
You NO LONGER NEED to work for them
Let’s all be more wealthy in love and money.
Looking forward to Saturday and to talking with you.



“You NO LONGER have to work for money OR for a man.”

Saturday January 31st

11 am PST/2pm EST/7pm UK

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