You are an Emotional Creature!

peonyWe have used our emotions to manipulate.

We have stuffed them down.

We have ignored them.

We have rationalized them.

We have thrown them at others.

And buried them deep inside of ourselves.

This is hurting us. And at the same time, getting us NOWHERE in love.

Each time we find ourselves doing any of the above actions, we have been running away from one of the essential parts of what makes us a feminine woman.

We have also been running away from one of our greatest allies in love.

We ARE NOT our feelings. But we require them in order to have a successful love relationship.  The kind of relationship you are REALLY wanting in your life.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.  And I know you want to have a relationship that just sings.  A relationship for the ages.

As women, feminine women to our core, we are creatures made to be loved.  Made to receive love. Made to fill ourselves with it.  And we have these amazing feelings…that helps us do this!!

I say this again and again, here at Birth of Venus Coaching that my deep belief is that Everything can be used to our advantage in love.

How can feelings?

In relationships,  feelings literally captivate men. Seriously, they pull men in, they create incredibly intimate connection and hot, passionate attraction.

They even allow men to feel safe with us. It’s true. This goes against so many beliefs we have. But Men actually feel safe with a woman who not only can feel her feelings but express them in a safe, honest and direct way with him.

We think we have to do so much.  We don’t. We just need to be ourselves… and ourselves is a feeling creature.

It feels good to feel our feelings.  We feel more relaxed, radiant and alive as women. We also feel more authentic. Because this is who we truly are… Emotional Creatures.

Therefore it is not only a pleasure but also a NECESSITY to feel our feelings.

 “A Girls Guide to Getting Emotional” will help you:

REYpw5JLsKENck_zs3jtyWXb-IrX6P3XUMWgdDAq980,gcVnfST0rN42yf0TJ9RfWCCXWSjh5tMa7PXyAGDz8rcOpen your heart

Get over your fears around your emotions in relationships

Feel more relaxed with men

Express with ease how you are feeling

Feel more confident with men and in relationships

Feel more powerful

Feel more feminine

Experience increased and deeper connection with men and in your relationship

Bring a relationship much closer

Attract a man and a great relationship

Enhancement of pleasure, happiness, relaxation in your life and relationships

So let’s access them fully. Let’s use them and harness them to create something amazing in your love life.

100% easily. naturally. and completely YOU.

“A Girls Guide to Getting Emotional” is a 6 week/ 6 part course.

This course includes 6 recorded calls sent out in the beginning of each week along with 6 one on one private coaching calls.

I designed this program specifically for the woman in relationship. And the woman looking for one in her life.  Each week has a structured them as well as tools to help you find feelings, feel them, accept them and express them.

Here’s a quick overview of each week in the program:

Week 1: Start with the Heart

Week 2:  How to find  your Feelings

Week 3: How to feel Your feelings

Week 4:  Your feelings and men.

Week 5:  Creating intimacy with your feelings

Week 6: Expressing your feelings

Over the course of 6 calls, you will be transforming into a woman who can feel her feelings and express them with so much more confidence and ease.  This is a woman who can create magic in her love life. Because when a man gets that you can handle your feelings, he will feel safe with you.  He’ll open up. And you will be a

The course will be a combination of teachings, tools, and exercises to lead you each week more into your feelings, more into your heart, and more into your unique feminine self as a woman and in a relationship.

Here you will feel pleasure in feeling emotion.

It will be easy for you to feel. And so much more easy for you to say how you feel. With a man.

You will throw out the drama, the distance… and get so much more love… Continue here:


DSC_4472Is this course for me?

Have a look at the list and see if the following sentences fit for you and your situation in love.

“I’m scared my feelings will make a man run away.”

~  “I don’t even know how to feel my feelings.”

~  “My feelings scare me.”

~  “I find myself analyzing or rationalizing my feelings”

~  “I’m heady” 

~  “I don’t feel heard when I’m telling a man how I feel.”

~  “I don’t even know how to tell a man how I feel”

~  “I push men away when I share my emotions”

~  “I want to feel so much more close in my relationship.”

~  “I miss feeling the passion in my relationship”

~  “Passion always runs out in my love life”

~  “I want a relationship that feels deep and connected”

“I want to learn how to be intimate, truly intimate”

~  “I feel so tense in an emotional situation with a man”

~  “I don’t know how to stand my ground or express myself when my feelings are hurt”

~  “I feel like there are only SOME emotions that are ok to feel”

~  “I want to relax so much more in my relationship”

~  “I want to open my heart”

“I want to have a great relationship. But I just don’t know how”

~ “I don’t know how to tell a man how I feel.

Saying yes to just a few of these make you a strong match for “A Girls Guide To Getting Emotional”


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“A Girl’s Guide To Getting Emotional!”