DSC_4472Is this audio course for me?

Have a look at the list and see if the following sentences fit for you and your situation in love.

“I’m scared my feelings will make a man run away.”

~  “I don’t even know how to feel my feelings.”

~  “My feelings scare me.”

~  “I find myself analyzing or rationalizing my feelings”

~  “I’m heady” 

~  “I don’t feel heard when I’m telling a man how I feel.”

~  “I don’t even know how to tell a man how I feel”

~  “I push men away when I share my emotions”

~  “I want to feel so much more close in my relationship.”

~  “I miss feeling the passion in my relationship”

~  “Passion always runs out in my love life”

~  “I want a relationship that feels deep and connected”

“I want to learn how to be intimate, truly intimate”

~  “I feel so tense in an emotional situation with a man”

~  “I don’t know how to stand my ground or express myself when my feelings are hurt”

~  “I feel like there are only SOME emotions that are ok to feel”

~  “I want to relax so much more in my relationship”

~  “I want to open my heart”

“I want to have a great relationship. But I just don’t know how”

~ “I don’t know how to tell a man how I feel.

Saying yes to just a few of these make you an incredible match for “A Girls Guide To Getting Emotional” Audio Course. 

Along with the audio course, you can also choose to have additional support for us to focus on your specific situations.  Those include up to two private calls where we discuss your specific situation and any challenges around it.

This support might include:

What to say specifically to a man and how to put your feelings into words a men can hear.

Tips to feel more confident.

Help opening your heart.


Help moving through stuck/hard to feel emotions

What we are searching for is searching for us too.


Close up of
“Venus of Urbino”
Titian 16th century


Men are looking for women who can feel their hearts.

You are looking to be the truly emotional creature you are and be loved fully for it

“A Girl’s Guide to Getting Emotional”

Audio Course has been waiting for you too.

You don’t  have to wait anymore for the depth, passion, and closeness you are craving and desiring more of in your love life.

You CAN be that woman who feels her feelings, totally and completely

and have men love you with you for it. Totally and Completely.

Start now.

A Girl’s Guide to Getting Emotional Audio Course