What to do when you’re terribly afraid…

321319_279396752187290_1398587818_nOk, this is huge.

“Fully embrace fear as you would your lover…”

Think back to someone you loved or the person you love now. When they were afraid, do you push them away? Did you shut them down?

My guess is probably not. You listened. You held their hand or hugged them or even cried with them. Because you loved them..

Well, what if you could do the same for yourself?

I know it’s easier to see and deal with someone else’s yuck. And we love them all the more for it, right? — because that is what makes them human.

So what if going through this process for yourself would make you even more loveable? make you even more attractive? make you a better lover? And make you feel good about you? even when you feel yucky.

What if you could be that gentle, be that kind, be that loving with your fears?

What if you just sat down with them for a few minutes and listened?

And Instead of pushing away your fears, hug them.

Instead of shushing them, tell them you get it. Tell them you love them.

This is not some sort of woo woo love yourself exercise.

This is real and deep and very very healing for you and for the relationship you have now or desire to have.

And just so you know, I am writing this as a reminder for me too!

Most of my posts are taken from my own living, breathing, experiences as a woman in love and in a relationship.

I’ve luckily learned already that as feminine women, we are meant to be creatures bubbling and overflowing with love …this is what makes us irresistible and mouthwatering to men.

Yet this love must come from us. from inside of us.

And what decreases this is when we push away our fears

or push them on someone else to do deal with (that’s called neediness),

or when we act them out in drama but don’t give ourselves a chance to really feel them.

So stop, drop (in) and feel. Whatever that fear is… Love it up and you’ll start to see more love in your life.



Picture and Quote:  from TheQueenofLight.com

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