What to do when you just can’t break a bad habit

Assumptions and expectations!

They sound like dirty words in the coaching industry!

Do you hear all the time to drop them? to let go of them? Maybe even from me?

But let’s face it — how do we stop something we’ve been doing for SO LONG? And something that SO MANY people do too?

I wrote an article a few weeks ago about anticipation.

The antidote to dissapointment and a boring relationship

And a lot of you wrote me asking how to let go of anticipating/expecting, assuming the worst? After all it’s happened before!!!

I get that. And at the same time, this is a very sad, very frightening place to live from —

It’s a place that puts the emphasis on surviving in a relationship…

instead of THRIVING!

And I want you to thrive and have an incredible relationship.

Being a modern day Venus is all about being creative and using everything to her advantage.

So instead of just breaking a habit like this, I’ve found another way that has been way more effective for myself and my Mighty Aphrodites..

My tool for this is called “Softening a habit”

This is all about using the habit in a way that works for you! By reframing it. And turning it around. to benefit you. and your relationship.

The next time you find some part of you tugging, aching to assume the WORST…

Or the next time you feel tempted to assume something/anything bad, negative about your man or any man.

And especially when you feel totally triggered…

Try this:

If you are going to assume anything about a man — expect the best, most wonderful, positive, good feeling thing!

Make it up…go all out…

For example, if your man is out longer than usual or than what he said he would be… assume he is selecting with all his love for you a sweet gift to give you with when he comes home…(this has happened to me multiple times!)

or another true story –

If he disappears into another room to talk on the phone…and you find yourself freaking out and assuming he is hiding something form you, or lying to you or even worse cheating on you… assume he is organizing a surprise for you. (which actually did happen!)

As I have written before, men have an incredible way of
delivering – they do want to give to us and if we are holding onto some sort of expectation or anticipating that he will say something, do something or react a certain way, (especially negatively) — he may very well do so…

Sealed with a thousand kisses,


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