What Santa said…

rFb4xcNQY1YzFMnXk7XfGN5vGQzfS2E1xEPaEoF9T-wSitting on Santa’s lap, I felt giddy with flushed excitement. My heart was stirring. I felt like a little girl. This was the man who had made so many of my dreams come true!

“Santa,” I whispered in his ear, “I still believe in you.”

He smiled and belted out, “Oh Good! I believe in me too!”

And he did, I saw it in his eyes, in his manner, in the way he laughed almost as if to say, “Well, of course I do!”

And then… it was as if Rudolph’s bright red nose itself started flashing in my face.

“I BELIEVE IN ME”.   WOW! What if we could all say that? And not just say it but LIVE  it!

It’s easy to say we believe in others but how many times have you told yourself that you believe in YOU?

Think about how awesome we could be, how amazing we could feel, how incredible our lives could be, if we stopped questioning our value for once, or our worth, our goodness, our rightness and simply believed in ourselves.

And if we believed in ourselves… how AMAZING our relationships could be too! Our love life could finally take off and grow in to everything we’ve wanted and dreamed it to be.  Oh my goodness.

It gives me the tingles.  Just thinking about it.  All the magic and joy and fun I could bring to the world, all the Love.

So I leave you to go celebrate Christmas with this line:

What if you believed in… you?

Sealed with a kiss and HO HO HO!







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