Welcome May! The month of Love

In the Czech Republic, where I used to live, May begins with a very special day. The Day of Love.

Lovers and couples rendezvous under blooming cherry blossom trees to kiss and kiss and kiss….


Local lore says that a when woman is kissed on the 1st of May, her beauty and power of attraction will remain blooming all year long…

If not, she will dry up and wither…

Now if you’re saying to yourself — oh crap! I wasn’t kissed on May 1st!

Will I wither and dry up???

Fear not! I created Birth of Venus Coaching, specifically to guide you in becoming the most attractive, the most beautiful — inside and out YOU.

The kind of beauty and attraction that a man is yearning to have in his life and would romance until the end of time…

So I can’t imagine a better way to start the month of May than with this tradition and also to welcome the official month of Love to Birth of Venus Coaching!! (It’s also my birth month!)

Welcome May!

Happy kissing ,

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