Two things PAST relationships are great for.

Image by Brighton!

Image by Brighton!

Having an aww moment…a little nostalgic too.

I saw this shot on pinterest and immediately felt this gooey warm feeling spread across my whole chest! 11:04 pm is a very special time in my heart 😉 It’s the time when my first boyfriend (whose name began with a B, check out the letter on the photo!) used to call me every night as he finished his work shift. Our talks felt and were absolutely heavenly…and I was sooo in love…


Men are messengers. Every man that shows up in your life is. They show us:

~ where we are in love
~what our beliefs are
~how much we love ourselves
~how much love we can accept into our lives.

We do not need to be haunted by old relationships. fear attracting that kind of man/situation again or use them as excuses as to why we aren’t in a relationship or having a great love life now.

Remember EVERYTHING can be used to your advantage in love. even past relationships.

To support YOU most ~ Let your past relationships and interactions with men be two things:

1. motivate/help you become a more attractive lover/partner
2. and be a source of sweet memories that you allowed yourself to experience thus far in love

…Then say yes to having many many more great feeling moments in love with your new guy 😉 Your track record in love is NOT a life sentence.

Sealed with a kiss,


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