Tools to be more feminine

"Acrasia" by John Melhuish Strudwick, 19th century

“Acrasia” by John Melhuish Strudwick, 19th century

You’ve heard them before.  many times, in all probability.

Be Grounded! Relax! Think Positive!

If you’re like me, sometimes that inspires you!

And Sometimes when you’re not feeling great, it does the opposite. Annoys you.  Makes you even want to shut down.

What helps me in these moments is when I tell myself WHY it’s so important for me to be grounded, positive and relaxed….as a woman in love.

And as a a woman who desires an incredible love life.

When we have these “Why’s” down, it’s easier for us to stay open and look forward to grounding, relaxing and thinking positive. And you’ll see you love life (and men!) respond in fantastic ways.

so Amanda, modern day Venus, remind me why I am doing this again? Sure!

1. Why  grounding is so important —

it’s VERY important to be feminine and stay in that zone while with a man…Luckily for us as women, we have access to a whole well of feminine energy 24/7!

the ground! The earth is the largest, most powerful source of feminine energy and it is beneath us all the time.

In love, when we are more grounded, we feel safer, more secure and more authentic.  Men feel an inner strength inside of us, which makes them feel safe and secure. as well as very attracted. In addition, the more grounded we are, the more feminine energy our bodies run on.

Many tools I employ in my work and even invent for my client’s own personal needs and personalities involves grounding –   remember, the ground is full of feminine energy so anytime we need to reboot our own, feel more nurtured and cared for, all we have to do is connect to the earth.

Get outside, get your hands in the dirt (it feels fantastic) or hug a tree.  Our supply is literally ENDLESS.

Once walking in a garden, I felt an urge to go wrap my arms around a giant tree in front of me.  And as I did, I felt a rush of love. Total security. trust. groundedness. When I couldn’t squeeze any longer, I pulled back and  saw the initials of my man’s first name and mine etched inside a heart on the tree…. Right where I happened to hug it.  awww!!!!

But Pretty, miraculous stories aside 😉 I’m not going to lie either. This is something I struggled with for ages!  no matter what rituals I tried, or what stones i held, or how much red I wore, I didn’t feel grounded. either that or I couldn’t sustain it for any length of time.  So when people told me just to ground myself, I wanted to grab some soil  (literally Earth 😉 hahaha) in my hands and throw at them!

One thing that has really helped me is a story an intuitive told me.  During a reading a few years ago, she  saw me in a past life as a knight dashing through a field riding a horse.  I was met there by a man/fellow knight who thought I had betrayed him as well as the entire side we were fighting for and cut off my head in rage.

Whether I did or not, and whether I believe the fullness of that story or not, now I gently remind my head that it’s connected to my body. and vice versa. I give kisses to my neck and thank it for being so awesome. These little gestures, have done wonders for my grounding.

It also explains why I felt terrified of anyone touching my neck as a little girl…even though there was no rational explanation of it. And that’s ok!  that’s how i felt.

Often too, I’ve felt frustrated when I ‘couldn’t do’ something or was very slow at it.  I see grounding as one of these things and that’s ok.  It’s part of getting to know ourselves and love ourselves all the more…

Let’s pick up on Relaxing next time.  For now practice grounding. Remind yourself why it’s important for a great love life. For a great woman like you. And Stroke your feet. Tell them they are connected to the earth. It can soak up all of the feminine energy it wants.  And gently remind your head, it’s connected to your body. Whether or not you were decapitated in a past life, it will help you ground more for sure in this one  😉





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