The SINGLE fastest and easiest way to become more Feminine

The eaearthaswoman2rth is like a woman. 

A fine feminine woman and THE most feminine source on the planet.  Femininity in its most pure form.

Women write me often and ask me “How can I be more feminine?”

There is so much I could say about that  – so many tools, so many delicious ways to be and become more feminine.  And we’ll get to that… 😉

But today is Earth Day.

And the Earth… is the greatest role model for femininity.

Do you want to be more feminine?

Watch her.

Watch the pleasure of a garden growing and blooming.
Watch how the waves moves playfully forward and back… forward and back.
Watch how sweetly the trees wave their branches toward you, welcoming you.
Watch the way a flower absolutely magnetizes you and…captures your heart.

Watch a volcano erupt.

In doing so, you’ll be irresistibly and completely feminine.

Because just as you, as a woman, want to be treated a certain way,

The Earth also deeply desires to be embraced… cherished…loved…adored.

So be tender with her.  Be gentle.  Listen to her.  And give her a BIG kiss.

Here’s to Earth day, like Valentine’s day being celebrated EVERY day.”


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