The quick flip to MORE SUCCESS in LOVE!

Most women who come to me quickly point out their own flaws as the cause of their distress and current disappointment in dating or relationships.

They say they are too shy and that is why they are not attracting men.


They say they’re moody or angry or too this or too that and they believe this is pushing men away.

Well I say, “Great!! We can work with this!”

btw – No Beating Yourself Up! Right?  That’s the cardinal rule of this work!

Instead I like to go for a different approach that I like to call cultivating a “Venus Attitude”.

This is all about Compassion for yourself and Passion about yourself!

Start by asking yourself this question;

“What if I could re-frame EVERY flaw I have in me so that it actually becomes a strength and works for me in love?”

How would that feel? How would you feel?

How could your life, how could your love life be different?

Take a few minutes to sink into those.

Once you’ve finished, give yourself a squeeze for allowing yourself to answer that even if you felt uncomfortable or weird or resistant.

And after you feel loved up – go ahead and imagine one quality about yourself you don’t like and think is getting in the way of love.

This could be something like

  • shy
  • moody
  • angry
  • or one I hear often — too old

Do you have yours?


This next part is REALLY FUN!

Now – I invite you to imagine flipping this flaw of yours like a pancake  –


And now you see a whole new side of it ..and frankly, it looks DELICIOUS!

This could look like –
shyness – gentleness, sweetness
moody – a deep feeling, emotionally expressive woman
anger – Lots of juice and fire and passion!

age – experienced, totally and wonderfully ripe, self aware

How does that feel?

Good, exciting, weird, intriguing?

I’m here to support you and tell you that all of those feelings and any feeling is fine, even no feeling!

Just keep practicing-

The more ‘flaw’ pancakes you flip – the more men you’ll begin to attract.  And keep them wanting, yearning, craving to be by your side!…

Because when you start thinking like this men will want to eat you up!

And that’s a great thing!

Bon appetit! 😉



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