The feminine guide to getting asked out! Part 1

Close up of
“Venus of Urbino”
Titian 16th century

A little scrap of paper was handed to me today by a man who had complimented me a few moments earlier on the way I looked.

It’s probably not what you’re thinking though… he passed by me and mentioned how beautiful my skin tone was…that it was the skin of royalty.

Then he placed a piece of paper in my hand and got off at his stop.  Immediately,  I knew I wouldn’t call him.  I knew I didn’t want to see him again. I knew that I wasn’t interested. Part of me just wanted to throw this paper out.  into the nearest garbage can…

and smirk, suck in my breathe and say ‘yea, right’ as I did it.

but that seemed all wrong to me.

Because this paper wasn’t some valueless piece of trash. It was a man’s energy and even some of his heart on that paper. It was his way of saying “I like who you are.” , “I want to give to you” or “I’m interested” or “I want more.  I want to be near you…”

And That is something as a woman I greatly respect. When a man can do this. In this moment, I wanted to respect him for taking the time to appreciate me, and give to me in the way he did.

We say we want love as women. GREAT LOVE. And this starts right here. We don’t have to say yes. We don’t have to say anything.  But we don’t have to be dismissive, rude, close up shop and shut down either.

I encourage you to look at male attention as this… as their way of giving to you, filling you up with even more happiness. Because at the end of the day, they love a shining woman, just as much as we want to shine.

They hope that these little moments make you feel good. Because they want you to feel good. Just as much as you want to feel good.

Like the man today who smiled at me sweetly from his seat on the bus as he saw me pass by strolling down the street…he wanted to give that attention to me.  just little moment…he wanted to connect to my heart.  my soul. my smile.

We say we want this and yet so often we turn away from it…we avert our eyes, we hide, sometimes literally, I’ve done that…

we shy away…

we walk away…

(literally and metaphorically)

even from men we do like AND are interested in! not just from the men we couldn’t be bothered with…

In these moments, really a man just wants to touch our heart.  He wants to admire you. He wants to make you an even happier woman.

This way of being and seeing men takes some practice and I am so excited to write more on this topic to help you practice and to inspire you to feel more comfortable, shining, and beautiful in these situations.

So Right now if you find yourself reading this and saying “yea, I could get used to this!” Nice. because I will be writing another article about this very topic…essentially the art of being asked out.   So in the next few days keep an eye out for this, just as a man keeps his eye out for an incredible woman, like YOU!

Sealed with a kiss,

yours lovingly,



p.s. For the woman who is reading this and is skeptical.  For the woman who finds this kind of interaction dangerous or scary. I hear you. I will be writing to you too.  To help you feel more safe and more confident when men look at you and approach you.





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