The fairy godmother, Dating and 200 dollars OFF!

Lovely one,

When I lived in Prague, I worked as an English Teacher. Friday mornings I caught an early bus to the Czech version of Hollywood.  It was one of my favorite places to go because it reminded of my own childhood growing up with a dad who worked in the film business. Even though I was in a foreign country, I somehow felt very home there.

Two girls I taught in this film studio had the unfortunate assignment of learning a language at 8:00 in the morning. Personally, No learning is fun for me at 8am. And it clearly wasn’t for them either. So I thought I’d try another approach. One week I asked them what topics they liked to discuss and both wildly began talking about fairy tales.

And even though these girls were speaking a foreign language, they felt home when they spoke about fairy tales.  I realized then their enthusiasm and understanding of these stories, were helping them learn English.

So looking back at this, I started wondering: What we if we could learn about romance through the very same tales?

I think immediately of ‘Cinderella‘.  Word in town is that there’s a new version of ‘Cinderella’ coming out soon.  perfect timing!! 😉

Cinderella was looking for love and a way out of a life that was not working for her.

Who helped her?


It’s not that Cinderella wouldn’t have found a man eventually…

I am an optimist. I think Cinderella would have eventually gotten the prince… or another…

However without the fairy godmother, it would have been HARD. It would have been a struggle. It would have taken her much longer.

The Fairy Godmother sped this process up drastically. Why?

Because her greatest magic came from one simple thing. She knew Cinderella was worthy of far more than a loveless life.

The fairygodmother believed Cinderella could get the prince and ANY prince for that matter.

But Most importantly, she helped Cinderella feel like the valuable, unique, special, woman she REALLY was inside.

And that’s exactly what I do in my own program

“Successful Online Dating: Become the Belle of the Ball”

(If you missed my first post about this here it is once more: )

This is one of my FAVORITE ways to work with women.

  • helping women become the most attractive version of themselves…
  • helping women open up to realizing and believing that they are incredibly deserving of love…and incredibly desirable.

I love this so much I turned it into a program!  And I joyfully infused it with some of my other talents:

  • writing,
  • creating poetry,
  • my eye for beauty,
  • and my deep understanding and embodiment of femininity, sensuality and attraction.

I cheerlead you and guide you to a place and a profile that gorgeously reflects the life and essence of who you really are as a woman.


e219d4e003a64d9a5db1c3fef77ea855Now Cinderella, in addition to more confidence, received three more things. Do you remember?

1. A gorgeous shining dress.
It made her stand out and shine so that she felt gorgeous, she felt seen, and the prince couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

2. A Horse and Carriage
To get her where she needed to go. quickly and safely. Without it NO BALL. NO PRINCE.

3. Glass Slippers
But We’re not going to worry about the slippers because they don’t feature in every version of Cinderella, nor in my opinion DOES the magic need to end at midnight.  This can last your whole life long with a man.  with romance. with love.

besides – I know you have at least a few pairs of glass slippers for your date 😉

200$ off!


Let’s turn this to dating.  To becoming the belle of the dating ball!

You will learn everything you need to stand out, to shine so that man after man, prince after prince on the online dating world (and off) will come to call.  They won’t be able to get enough of you.

Together, we also write you an unforgettable profile (think Cinderella’s dress).

This is a really fun and fresh process.  Every woman’s profile will be unique just like her.

But here’s what they will have in common:

  • a profile that makes men stop and stare.
  • a profile that makes his heart beat faster
  • a profile that makes him say “Finally! I’ve found her.”
  • a profile that creates deep attraction and invites him in fully, appealingly, devastatingly to the beauty of who you really are…

He’s not going to want to go ANYWHERE!


plus –  I take you through you MY TOP essentials for ONLINE dating.

What to do. What not to do…(this is your horse and carriage)

These are the fundamentals to becoming an online dating pro: so you show up feeling confident and sure everytime you log on to your profile and head out for a date with a man.

And so you stay feeling happy, relaxed and safe the ENTIRE TIME.

I thought about writing a few articles on online dating – but if this were me, I’d want personal support walking me through the process and keeping me uplifted. This program really is for women who want to feel more confident, who want  Plus, the truth is I really love actively working with my clients, my Mighty Aphrodites!

so are you ready for the details of how this is going to look? Look back in a few days. There’ll be another email in your inbox. like magic 😉

Special introductory price ~ 297$

This will be available through December 11, 2014.
After December 11, this will be raised to it’s full price of $497.

I can’t wait to help you get ready for the time of your life and love of your life! let’s do this!

Write me at Amanda@birthofvenuscoaching with any questions and to sign up and get started!

Sealed with a kiss!

Amanda <3 <3 :-*


    p.s. beautiful images credits:


  • “Cinderella” by Ruth SandersonFound on\
  • Illustration by Millicent Sowerby (Cinderella), pinterest via Flickr
  • “Cinderella” by Ruth Sanderson Found on
  • Still from ‘Ever After’ a film adaptation of Cinderella

* The Ruth Sanderson version was coincidentally also a copy given to me on my 15th birthday by one of my best friends.  When I found the first image on pinterest, which I LOVE ;-),  I suddenly remembered this beautiful book full of gorgeous illustrations I used to get lost in 😉 and spend hours and hours gazing at…




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