The Chemistry Curse; How to turn this enemy into one of your most powerful allies in love!

What is chemistry?

Chemistry is just as it sounds – a REACTION! (Think bubbling beakers and smoking test tubes!)

In Chemistry – when two substances are brought together, three things normally occur:

1.There can be a very potent, very strong — BOOM! kind of reaction

2. A small reaction

3.NO reaction at all.

It’s the same with a man! When we first meet a man, we usually feel one of these three reactions.  No chemistry, not much, or FIREWORKS!

And we want that! We LOVE that feeling of excitement in our belly, that intense attraction, that OOOO all over body feeling.

My butterflies are getting crazy just thinking about this…

Because this is we all WANT with a guy! We want to feel that rush of excitement when we meet him. It makes our hearts beat, our hearts melt and makes us want more!

The Chemistry Curse

We experience Chemistry in all sorts of different situations with men and in romance. Usually, the attraction chemistry produces feelings so strong and intense that you begin to think yes! I have finally found him!

BUT usually those kinds of reactions lead us to a man who is actually not good for us. — bad boys, immature men, cheaters…

And we end up heartbroken and so confused! Why did something that feel SO good and SO right end so terribly?

You see, chemistry is an instinct. And one we are not aware of.   It is our subconscious speaking and it wants us to stay STUCK and HURT.

It just wants to keep attracting the same men over and over and over.

If you are anything like me,  you might feel intense chemistry for smart, dark haired men who are not only very handsome but also VERY unavailable…

Or maybe this man reminds you of your father, or a man you fell for years before, or the last guy who dumped you unexpectedly.

The point is, chemistry just wants us to repeat the same patterns in relationships we have for years over and over and over!

Sounds awful and really frustrating, right?

But there is another kind of chemistry!

There is another way. 

What if you could feel those intense butterflies, juice and fireworks in your relationship?

And what if you could feel all that in a relationship with a healthy, good man!

I’m talking about a man who wants to give you love and attention.
A man who calls regularly. A man who is generous with his time and his affection.

This kind of Chemistry REALLY does exist!  And we, as women have the power to create this.

We have the power to let chemistry work for us and not the other way around.

And this is the choice I invite you to open up to so that Chemistry becomes one of your most loyal allies in love!

So How do you get that?

Step 1:  Do you know the jealous train?  Well there’s another at the station marked Chemistry train.  You’re on that one right now.  Please get off immediately and get on the train marked  MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!

The fastest way to do this:

 And by the way, all this takes is some retraining 😉

Take your focus off the man you’re with (or the man you want) and place all that time, effort and energy on having a GREAT RELATIONSHIP!

Get clear on what kind of relationship you want.

Get out a pen and paper and start answering these questions:

  • What does commitment look like to you? -Ring, white house and picket fence? Do you want marriage? / A long term partnership?  / Living together?
  • How much closeness do you want?
  • How often do you want to be called?
  • How often do you want sex?
  • What makes you feel loved?
  • What are your deal breakers?



Notice the men you are attracting now.

Are they calling you? Are they making dates with you?  Are they giving to you? Are they honest? Are they making you happy?

All men are different and what you want in your relationship maybe different from anyone else.  However!
You want the kind of guy that will come toward you and keep coming toward you.

And overtime you want to start feeling good and turned on when a man does this.

Any man — doesn’t have to be your boyfriend/husband — I actually encourage you to start with the guy at the grocery store who offers to pack your bags for you, the man at the bookstore who says “you look beautiful”, the guy walking his dog on the street who waves and smiles.

Have fun with this!

It’s awesome! In no time you’ll start to see how many good giving men there are and how good it feels when they come toward you.

You’ll find yourself getting really disinterested and turned off when your man throws you a crumb, when he doesn’t call, when he ignores you at that party or abandons you.

You’ll just start to find that that doesn’t do it for you at all.



Woo hoo!

When you get to this point you know not only what kind of relationship you want but now you can find it a lot faster and with so much less heartbreak.

The best part is you start feeling those butterflies for great men.

And not just butterflies but FIREWORKS!
And you’ll be able to build  chemistry that is totally long lasting, totally sexy, totally all encompassing.

AND healthy!

This kind of chemistry not only possible but much more enticing and fulfilling!

And THIS is the one a Modern Day Venus, such as yourself, is worthy of!



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