The antidote to dissapointment and a boring relationship

I see you shiver in ANTICI…pation!

Oh anticipation…

Do these sound familiar? –

“he’s going to be late again…”
“he’s going to forget to call me again…”
“he looks angry, I bet i did something to piss him off..”
“he’s coming toward me and I’m wearing this nice dress and I feel so pretty and I bet he won’t say anything…”
“If I tell him I’m angry and upset, he’ll tell me I being dramatic and turn around and leave”

When we anticipate something, men have a great way of delivering – they do want to give to us and if we are holding onto some sort of expectation or anticipating that he will say something, do something or react a certain way, (especially negatively) — he may very well do so…

I know, I know!
What’s a girl to do?

We’re so used to this…, right?

I invite you today to allow yourself to be surprised…It’s a fresh week! Try it!

Anticipating is actually a very subtle way of controlling a situation.

And when I let myself drop expectations, and anticipating what my King might do or say, the most amazing things happen….

I feel way less disappointed and in turn experience far less resentment — which makes for a very yucky feeling

and makes relationships turn sour.

Knowing that… if you could feel more happy and at ease in your relationship, would you let yourself be surprised?

Start slowly, with one interaction…allow yourself to be surprised when he opens his mouth to say something, when he comes toward you…allow yourself to be surprised…I know for me, wonderful things have happened…things that brought us closer and more in love.

Let me know how this works for you!


p.s. Artwork –  “Anticipation-orange” by kikiandpolly on

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