The advantages in love of a Venus ruled time.

Gustave Moreau "Europa and the Bull" Date c. 1869

Gustave Moreau
“Europa and the Bull”
Date c. 1869

I’m not going to lie or hide it. I am SO proud of the fact that I am born under a Venus ruled sign.

It’s Taurus time.

What I love about this time from the end of April to the end of May besides MORE SUN, MORE FLOWERS, and MORE WARM WEATHER are the qualities that Venus bestows upon us extra just for this time!

These qualities are Perfect for relationships.  And we can use all of them to become a more attractive lover, as well as partner, in love.

1. grounded/secure –  Venus is an earth sign.  it’s connected to the earth through it’s love for nature and it’s pure sensuality. Grounded means not only ‘down to earth’ but down IN THE EARTH. It’s secure. It is not flimsy or unstable. And when there are storms or winds around, it stays rooted, where it is. Firm, in place and feeling safe.

2. Worth/Value –  Self worth is key to Venus.  How can a goddess become a goddess unless she feels like one? A goddess KNOWS she is worthy of being adored.  Venus inspires so many of us for her certainty in her ability to love herself and compel men to love her too. A woman who feels worthy of love lets a man swim oceans to be with her.  A woman who knows her worth inspires a man to move mountains to give her what she requires in love.

3. Sensuality – Is a strong key to femininity. It allows you to slow down in the moment, create intimacy and expand pleasure. All of which are necessary in a happy and health relationship to lengthen attraction and deepen connection between partners.

4. And now that I mentioned it.  Pleasure.  – Venus loves pleasure.  Which can be ANYTHING really. And it’s different for everyone, just as it is different FOR everyone day to day.  Pleasure is the sensation of feeling good. And the focus on what feels good.

5. fertility and abundance –   the ability to grow what we love and to tend to it.  Did you know Venus was originally seen as a garden goddess and goddess of the vines? Have you heard of the metaphor of a relationship as a garden? of a woman being the most precious flower? or the most radiant bloom in the garden? All of these stem from this idea.

(yes, I just made a garden related joke… ;-))

6.  Call it what you will, hardheadedness, stubbornness. pure determination… strong will.  These traits have a distinctly negative side too but as it is my deep belief that EVERYTHING can be used to our advantage in love, I’m going to focus on the positive effects of these qualities. Here, it’s the ability to see something through and to stay focused on it. Nothing can pull you off your path for long. You don’t give up when it gets challenging. And you know you can have what you want in the deepest of your heart.  Despite what ANYONE says.

If you want to be more of a modern day Venus in your relationship – use this time! It’s potent.

Choose one of these Venus traits that you want to experience more of in your love life.

for more Groundedness ~  imagine that you are always being supported by a tree trunk or massive rock pedestal going down into the earth.  That way you feel goddessy, grounded AND secure. This is great quality to have as a woman.  Here your belief and desire to have a great love life cannot be shaken. You do not uproot yourself to a place where others think you should be.  And you don’t move yourself just to please a man.

for more self Value – your focus is on cultivating THE VENUS ATTITUDE.  what is this?  Feeling like a prize. Each and everyday.  Doing things that make you feel like a treasure.  And allowing men to treat you like a prize.

For example, letting men open doors for you (cars included). I once had a man run half a city block just to open a taxi door for me. Saying yes to men who offer to buy you a coffee. This also includes letting a man help you.  And asking men for help.

for more Sensuality –  choose one of the five senses to focus on.

For example, instead of just listening to a piece of music, really let your ear receive it…each and every note. Listen to the tones of your man’s voice.. the colors…the pitch…let yourself open to the rhythm of what you are hearing. The birds chirping as you walk by (one of my favorite background noises ever), the sound of your breath, of the way your lips part open, to smile, to speak or to be kissed…

for more Pleasure – notice moments where you feel good. (What are you doing? Who are you with?  What are you talking about?)  Follow this good feeling during the day… does it feel  pleasurable now to stretch your legs.. do it!  Does it feel more pleasurable to choose orange juice instead of your normal morning drink? do it!

Do what feels good.  Even if that’s just sitting, writing with the window open, as I’m doing now.

for fertility and abundance – get to know your thoughts. make friends with them. they shape your life.
catch yourself when you think a thought that is working against you in love.

Some examples?
I am too old…there aren’t enough men…what will he think if?…men always leave…

Grow what your heart wants, NOT what your mind is scared about…let your heart’s desires influence your mind, not vice versa.

And imagine yourself as the most radiant, beautiful blossom in the garden. That every man wants.

for a stronger will? Repeat after me: A woman who knows what she wants. Gets what she wants.

A woman who BELIEVES in what she wants. Gets what she wants.

Yucky thoughts may get it in the way but not enough to stop you.  Yucky men and yucky dates may happen, but it’s not enough to stop you.

THIS VERY quality allowed me to meet my man within 3 weeks of dating.  3 weeks!!!! after years of unfulfilling interactions with men, heartbreak, and deep disappointment…

This can happen for you too. whether you are in a relationship and want an incredible one or you are looking for that man who will adore you and cherish you forever.  Use this time.  Venus is here for you. And so am I.

I’m so curious to know! Share with me below here, which of these Venus traits you’ll be incorporating more of in your life.

Sealed with a smooch!,


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