Teleseminar Part 2

Emerge as a women ready to be loved FULLY by men and money.


Once upon a time a goddess was born from the rising foam of the sea and she was glorious. Her name was Venus.

1486, commissioned by the Medici Family

Sandro Botticelli “The Birth of Venus” 15th c.

She was worshipped by men. And she was the epitome of abundance.

“Despite the fact that Venus is no longer widely worshipped, she has had a lasting impact upon the Western world.” (

Because Today, she is STILL a goddess women aspire to be.  She embodies everything men aspire to be with romantically.

And luckily, she lives in every single one of us women.  She does.

There is a Venus inside every woman. And it is necessary that she be born. To emerge from her shells so that she can stand glistening and be completely open for all the love that she desires in her life.

As well as all the love she desires in her life with men and with money.

The relationships that she wants to have. And to live them fully as a modern day Venus.

As we see Venus today,  we see her name everywhere! on shops…advertisements…brands of clothing…even shaving razors…

For us she is the very nature of beauty…love…sex…pleasure…and DESIRE.

Henri Pierre Picou “L’habillage / The dressing room” 19th c.

BUT there is something much more that she stands for. And this is what our call will focus on.

This is one of the most important aspects of Venus that is often overlooked and not even talked about.

It is this piece that allows women to flourish in relationships and easily maintain a relaxed, knowing attitude that she will always be loved, desired and well treated. In my opinion this aspect of Venus is one of the single, most important KEYS to having a great love life.

This IS what will help you be FAR more magnetic to men AND money.

Owning this quality means owning your magnetism. And OWNING this aspect of Venus means experiencing the kind of relationship with men and with money that you really want to have.

No longer scraping by with the level of love you have…No longer feeling undesired and uncherished with money. And definitely not working for either. 😉

On this call, we will discuss

  • ~ the legendary birth of Venus and what her birth story symbolizes
  • ~ how this relates to relationships, love, and irresistible femininity
  • ~ how this story can make you absolutely irresistible to men
  • ~ and the one aspect of Venus that is absolutely necessary for you to be magnetic to men and money

This will be a call of great content, depth, story and visualization to foster and help birth the modern day Venus inside all of us.

As well as the woman who is magnetic to men and money.

You are whole heartedly and whole bodily invited to:

“Emerge as a woman ready to be loved FULLY by men and money”

Part 2 of the Teleseminar series by Birth of Venus Coaching

Tuesday, February 10th

12 pm PST/3pm EST/8pm UK

Henri Pierre Picou, “Venus” 19th c.

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