Teleseminar Part 2!



The second in a series of Telseminars is coming to Birth of Venus Coaching ~
ALL about the power of our emotions in love:
You are invited to:

 “The Dangers of a Closed Heart in Love”

This Friday,  May 1st

5:00 pm EST/2:00 pm PST/22:00 UK

We, all as women, deserve to have the love life we want to have. How do we have it?
We have to open our hearts to it.

But do we even know how to open our hearts in love? What does that even mean?
Let’s get more clear on what happens when we shut down our hearts. How our hearts are often shut down, without us even knowing. And what it really means to open your heart in love.
We will begin our call by discussing one of the most valuable pieces of information in love, my own trainer, one of  THE most successful relationship coaches in the world, has given to me. I continually go back to this again and again in my own love life.
What follows will be
  • ~ a discussion of the four roads to love. only one leads to love and the relationship you want to have.
  • ~ relationship dynamics 101 – the two most important things to understand about men and women in love.
  • ~ why there’s more to being irresistible and attractive than just ‘loving yourself’
  • ~ what an open heart really means — so you can start getting more love right now.
  • ~ what men need to feel with us
  • ~ and a sneak peak into the newest program from Birth of Venus Coaching – “A Girls Guide to Getting Emotional: How to feel your feelings and have Men love you for it”!

Because when you feel your feelings. Men really do fall in love with you for it. It is that attractive.

I can’t wait to speak with you. This is one of my favorite topics in love. AND one that changes love lives immediately.

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I love you! :-*!

Amanda and Birth of Venus Coaching

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