Tap it like it’s Hot!: Fall in Love Forever with EFT

If there were an easy, quick and PLEASURABLE exercise that could change your relationship for the better, and I mean WAY BETTER, would you do it?

Wanna learn how?

Join me for the next edition of the very cozy, very luscious, and very informative Interview series ‘Pillow Talk’

“Tap it like it’s Hot!: Fall in Love Forever with EFT”

with EFT specialist Judy Lynne and yours truly! ~ Amanda Neill, Modern Day Venus


Now just like my one on one sessions with the incredible women I work with, I’d love ‘Pillow Talk’ to be as intimate an experience as possible.  That means Judy and I will be spending some together talking girl to girl, pillow to pillow, one to one about what EFT is and how it can easily and QUICKLY change old thoughts and old patterns that are doing no good for you OR your relationship.

During the course of the call, you’ll probably feel yourself going from this:


To this:


And this!:

Day dreaming nude brunette touching temples on white background

…And leave with a whole new look and feel for relationships.  EFT helped me so much in my love life and I know it can do wonders for you too!

Especially with the help of this woman…

-1Judy Lynne is an incredible woman with an incredible knowledge and working of EFT.

What people are saying about her work:

“I continually feel lighter, happier, and old past stuff feels like it is falling off my like an over size totally outdated sweater. And who wants to wear that? My beliefs are changing and it feels so empowering and freeing! I just feel so grateful to have you in my life. And I would love to work with you again soon. Since I’ve worked with you, my relationship with my man has gotten smoother, I’ve finished my website and gotten my business facebook page up!!!  You helped me get there!”



And 1150258_10103310056557045_860039959_nyour host and Modern Day Venus: Amanda Neill

“Helping women become head over heels HAPPY! and head over heels IN LOVE!”

with your man, with love, with life and with YOU!

That’s my job and I love it.

I’m really Looking forward to connecting! You know, some say inbox, I say treasure box…and that’s exactly where this gem of an interview will be landing on March 26th.


Sealed with a smooch and a rata-tap-tap!



P.S. You’re worth it!

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