Stay attractive in your relationship

DSC_4796alright girls! y’all got homework this weekend! :-D!

I have put together a list of ten things, i.e. ten activities, rituals, etc. that I do just for me. Without a man.

It is vital that once we begin dating a man or enter into a relationship with him, we remain OURSELVES. And remain ourselves as the union grows and deepens. This means having a FULL, blooming, blissful life OUTSIDE of the man we love.

Here are my top five (and I say mine! because you will probably have a different list, remember we want you to stay YOU and true to yourself):

1. Walking through the garden. – this is me time! I love to move and stretch my legs here. I get incredible ideas for writing TO YOU! and I also just love soaking in my surroundings and letting myself be surrounded by beautiful, lush nature.

2. Shopping – I LOVE picking out beautiful items for myself. Early on, I made a decision in my love life not take my man clothes shopping with me. It’s a drain on his energy, I love the feedback more that I receive from my sister or a girlfriend and he thinks everything looks amazing on me anyway!

same goes for grocery shopping. this is such a fun sensual experience for myself. And I love when he brings home surprises from the grocery store for me.

3. Exercising – my prince loves my post work out high and glow. I love it too. That time feels great to share with him but exercise time is either spent by myself or with a group of lovely ladies.

4. Reading – last week I sat next to two people on the metro totally engrossed in their novels and didn’t realize they were a couple or even knew each other at all…until I saw them touching hands later and kissing. When I’m with my man, I like to be WITH my man… not involved in two completely separate activities.

***What do I love however? reading from the same text together… that’s very sweet.

5. Bathtime – When I was growing up we used to visit my Great Aunt and Uncle’s house by the sea. I remember they had an outdoor shower with a sign that said ‘Save water! Shower with a friend!”

Now, I’ve always been a proponent of this, especially in romance! 😉 But I love bathtime, just for me.

Sometimes, I’ll tell my fella that I’m taking a bath and next thing I know, he’s bringing in candles and the speakers so I can listen to a favorite song or relaxing music…I notice that he loves to prepare nice things for me and then step back and just let me sink into complete pleasure.

Now – Your turn! Make a list! Share it with me below! I can’t wait to see it.


p.s. if you’re having a hard time making a list, just think this will make you more attractive and help you stay that way in love!…

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