Single most important thing to know in love.

peonyWhen it comes to romance, your life love, how you are with men…

know this my beloved. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU.

It has to be. This is not a selfish thing. This is how relationships work.

Especially If you are a girl, who feels feminine at heart. And you want a man in your life who is and will be there for you –

  • ~ loving you
  • ~ supporting you
  • ~ adoring you

intending to do so until the end of time…

Because, if there is information that I needed to learn the most in love. It was this. And this is what everyone needs to get about love.  Especially a modern day Venus.

Love thyself is really the first commandment in love…

It’s all about you.
It’s about letting yourself be loved.
It’s about loving yourself in the presence of a man.
It’s about loving yourself and what you want enough to be vulnerable.
Enough to open your heart to let it in.
it’s all about you.

We get to decide how close a man comes to us. We get to decide how we want to interact with them…how much love we can stand before we close off and shut down.

We as women get to decide HOW MUCH WE OPEN.
And how much we inspire men to love us forever.

Sealed with a kiss,

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