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My d55d43674d3a5c83811d1acdcab2fde8Buckeyes are national champions! YES!

Last night, my college football team, Ohio State, led themselves to a sweet sweet victory in an incredible match. I watched every second of it, all almost 4 hours of it.

You might be thinking.  Seriously, Amanda, football? You call yourself a Venus! You’re a relationship coach. This is a blog on love.

I know! isn’t it great! Because here’s the thing! I learnt SO MUCH about love and relationships from this match!

During the game, a question popped into my head:
“What would it be like to be in a winning relationship?”

a relationship that just wins every time in every way…
where winning is both natural AND EXCITING.
and where you are on the edge of your seat in total thrill and pleasure…

What would it be like to be in a winning relationship?
are you in one now? or are you maybe used to constant defeat or upset?

Now, my favorite team are since this evening national champions!  but here’s the thing… they didn’t just walk out onto the field and win…
there was SO much behind it that led to their sweet, sweet victory (I really like this phrase!)
like their practice, their attitude, their faith in themselves, each other,

Watching them really inspired me.  Here’s what I learned from watching and routing for my fav. team: The Ohio State Buckeyes.

I look at this from two angles

1.  the game = the relationship
2.  the person watching the game = Me outside the relationship.

Because as people, as women, we are doing both.

Let’s take the second angle first:  You outside the relationship, watching it.

1. Root for your team (relationship) always

This is something you want. You said ‘yes’ to it. Do you still say “Yes” to it?  If you do, then love it up.  be spirited about it.  expect great things from it.  support it.  love it.  love it so much.
Be it’s number one fan. Talk about how great it is!

2. Catch yourself when you notice yourself thinking of everything that could go wrong or the “what if?”questions

What if the other team scores? What if someone gets hurt?

Do you see what this does? It makes you feel bad. And it injects this bad feeling right into the relationship.
Because whatever you are feeling, the relationship is feeling too.

3. Stop bad mouthing or blaming the other side.

In a relationship,
there are outside forces ~ sometimes it rains during a match
there are other people ~ sometimes the opponents are pretty brutal…
Do not let this stop you.  Remember that soft and strong combination?

You have a reserve of strength on the inside of you (not on the outside – that’s defense and old habits that push love away from you). This strength helps you stay determined and focused on what you want.
Know that You can weather ANY storm that comes up in love.

What will not work is only supporting your team when they’re on a winning streak.

Just as a fair weather fan is for a sports team so is a fair weather fan in a relationship…
This is called being fickle. It is unsupportive, confusing to your man and will not get you anywhere close to where you want to be in your love life.

NOW let’s look at the first angle – You, playing IN THE GAME with your man.

1.  loyalty is to yourself as a player and the team. 

Remember you are on the team.

so if your man messes up, like players do sometimes…this is not an opportunity for you to criticize him…or yell at him on the field…this is an opportunity for you to get even more clear on what you want.  AND what you will or will not tolerate from your teammate.
for a team to do well..

2.  Do not play expecting to be defeated.

This is a no brainer. But hey, I’ve felt this way before. I know I’ve had these thoughts. Many women I talk to do as well. That’s because we’ve had a lot of loss and not a lot of success in love.
In this game my love you can be the star!  You don’t have to be the waterboy, or the 3rd string quarterback who NEVER gets to play. You can BE THE STAR.
And trust me ladies, Victory is sweet but believing in it before it happens is even sweeter!

You got this!

3. Have fun

roll around! get dirty! be dirty 😉
roll around, let things be unpredictable.  it’s okay if you don’t catch his pass everytime. or if you stumble and fall every once and awhile.  let him pick you up. you can still win the game.
Remember you are playing ON THE SAME TEAM.


Last night after the game ended, one reporter grabbed the head coach of Ohio State and asked what this meant for him.

His answer was this:

“We play for each other. This is one of the closest football teams in history”...

That made me melt.  And we’re talking about football. Imagine what that would be like in a relationship?
To play the relationship game with each other.  To be so solid a team that every day you walk out onto the field of your life that you WIN with each other and for each other.  EVERY DAY. Every moment. EVERY BREATHE.

You willingly signed up to a be a team with this man.
Work together with him. play together. and you’ll win together.

Let love be your greatest victory.
What will you be doing to win more in your love life?  Share with me here!

Sealed with a kiss,

ps. This article is in honor of my Buckeyes! national champs and all the ladies who want to win in love.

i love you!

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