Pillow Talk: Some Like it Hot and Some Like it Really Really Hot…


I’m not talking about Mexican food… or the heat of summer days. No No…

This Pillow Talk interview is

ALL about sex.

How hot and connected and incredibly pleasurable it can be!

How… often it isn’t.

And what to do about that.

I’m bringing this to you because sex is deeply important to me. It’s a vital and sacred part of my life and my relationship.

It’s the pleasure of pleasure…

the pleasure of connection…the pleasure of touch…the pleasure of love…

The pleasure of two souls…and two hearts and two bodies totally enveloped in each other and in love. 

To me it is like love itself –

fun and playful yet deep and so so so close –

it takes my breath away.

Because sex is such an intimate topic, I knew for sure it had to be featured on Pillow Talk!

And I knew for sure it had to be with someone I absolutely trusted.

Meet Kalindi Jordan…  Click on her name for one of the juciest bios, I’ve ever read…

I asked her because this woman is real.   She gets women.

She’s also a master in having multiple orgasms and experiencing incredibly satisfying sexual intimacy.

She’s a woman who gets sex and who lives and breathes it.

Kalindi and I already spent some time handpicking our favorite topics about sex…ones that have affected our own lives and relationships.

  • All about Orgasms – the pressure to have one, the fear of not having one or only being able to go so far, and the joy of experiencing one, or two, or three or… 😉
  • Pain during sex  – What this really is and how it can managed to have more enjoyable sex
  • Disconnection – Ways to feel more connected to your body, your heart, and your partner 
  •  The Mind – What to do when you find yourself totally in your head, racing with thoughts during sex.
  • Pleasure! – And how to have way way more of it during sexGentle relationship

This pillow talk session will be for ANY woman who wants to enjoy incredible sexual pleasure and incredible intimacy in romantic relationship.

Are you ready for it to get really, really hot?


Some like it hot and some like it really, really hot: How to have incredible sex!

A Pillow Talk Interview

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