Pillow Talk is back!

What do you get when you put together a romance and relationship coach with an inspirational fox of a financial coach?

An awesome interview!

 Pillow Talk proudly presents it’s 3rd installment:

“Be more wealthy in love and money. ”

Piggy Bank Woman

Introducing Ava Waits as my newest Pillow Talk guest.

Ava is here to show us how today by exposing some of the most common and most detrimental mistakes and beliefs women have about money.

So why am I bringing this topic to you? I mean this is relationship coaching! Birth of Venus Coaching is all about love and romance and feeling good!

But what I’ve found is,

the way we look at and feel about money is strikingly similar to how we look at and feel about romance!

This means the beliefs that keep so many women stuck and floundering in love and in their relationships:

o   There aren’t enough men /All the good men are already taken

o   I’m scared my man will leave me/ I’m scared I will be abandoned

o   Men can’t be trusted

are almost exactly the same as the reasons we stay broke or always feeling tight and insecure around money  …

o   I don’t have enough money/there’s never enough!

o   Will my money run out?/ Will I go bankrupt?/ If I lose this money what will I do?

o   I don’t trust money will be there for me when I need it.

You’ll hear Ava talk about all these and how they’ve affected her own private relationships as well as her finances.

Ava will also share:

o   How to trust your income and trust men…

o   What a nourishing relationship with money looks like.

o   And more significantly how a breakdown in relationship and/or break down in finances can actually lead to really good stuff!

Talk about a Venus Attitude!

Ladies, if your wallet and your bed are empty…

And you’ve had enough…this interview is for you! Let’s do something about it!

Join us for an ever delicious and luxurious evening of Pillow Talk. Sign up for the replay here:


“Be More Wealthy in Love and Money”

 May 21st:

10 am PST/1 pm EST/6pm UK

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