Pillow Talk: Get cozy, Get Listening, Get Love

birthofvenus-krowkaalicjaFor any of you who feel stuck in guilt or yuckiness, or blame, or jealousy or anger…and like you just can’t get out of that feeling

For any of you who feel run by a feeling. Like this feeling has complete control over you. And you feel powerless to it…

For those of you who tend to push your feelings down and stuff them away so you don’t have to feel them…yet the more you try to push it down, the more it wants to come right back up and in very uncomfortable ways…

I get it. I’ve been there in ALL of these situations. It felt terrible. It ruined a lot of moments and created a lot of damage in my relationships.

And while it is 100% ok for you to feel those feelings,

staying in ANY feeling too long, stuffing them down and letting them run you works against you.

Here is an amazing technique I’ve discovered that helps me feel my feelings and let go of them…EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique) Ahhh….

This has become a much loved, much looked forward to and indispensible part of my daily routine.

And it’s made me a happier, healthier woman with a happier, healthier and way more fulfilling relationship!

EFT one part magic..one part sensuality…one part healing….

but much more of that on the call… 😉

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Tap it Like it’s Hot!: Fall in Love Forever with EFT

And for those of you who are new to Birth of Venus Coaching, ‘Pillow Talk’ is my very cozy, very intimate interview series, where I spend an evening speaking with some of the coolest, most knowledgeable people – friends, mentors, colleagues to talk about one of my favorite things…LOVE.

I’d LOVE to have you join! Bring a pillow 😉

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Artwork: Photo entitled “Birth of Venus”  by Daria Alicja