New Interview. Aphrodisiacs. Food for more love.

Everything can be used to our advantage in love.  I’ve only said it a few hundred times by now. so i’ll just say it again 😉  That’s why I love to have guests on from all different kinds of fields to help us strengthen our ability to love and be loved AND to have great relationships.

This interview.  Eating and love.  Aphrodisiacs…the foods of love themselves. Sought after,  talked about in lore, spoken of worldwide, and studied even to increase attraction, sexual desire, as well as lead to great love itself.

The foods of Romance.  The foods of love.

Notice how even the word Aphrodisiac is similar to Aphrodite?

The Birth of Venus Coaching Interview on Aphrodisiacs is next week, Thursday, July 16th.  Join myself and Stephanie Kordan, The Sensual Foodie  as we discuss
  • ~ How food and romance are related.
  • ~ What Aphrodisiacs really are and how they make us more attractive in love.
  • ~ How to eat aphrodisiacs. And how much.  (very VERY important!)
  • ~ Your personal aphrodisiac… How to find the best aphrodisiac for you.
  • ~ Activities and ways you can enhance romance through food.

Register here for the call. There will be a recording.

And while you are here scroll down and meet our beautiful guest! Stephanie Kordan. A true Aphrodite of the Kitchen 😉 She took this photo.


Aphrodisiacs and Amor:

Foods for MORE Love.

A tasty interview with Stephanie Kordan, The Sensual Foodie and Birth of Venus Coaching

Thursday, July 16th

11:30 am PST / 2:30 pm EST, 7:30 pm UK

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11391313_719049354872634_1305411904981228328_nStephanie Kordan writes, photographs and creates recipes with the pleasure of food as the main ingredient. Creating recipe posts and mouthwatering photos for The Sensual Foodie is her passion.

Being a sensualist, Stephanie believes in experiencing life, love and food with all of the senses. An Aphrodite of the Kitchen, her ‘goddess work’ is to help women and couples discover how to enhance their romance with what she calls “everyday aphrodisiacs” for love, wellness and vitality.

Her writing is featured on The Sensual Foodie and Huffington Post Taste, as well as guest posts on various vegan/vegetarian blogs and magazines. Stephanie is a mother of three children. She lives and loves in Los Angeles.


For more info on me, the host of this upcoming interview and creator of Birth of Venus Coaching, click here!  I’m delighted to get to know you better.

Till Thursday 😉

Sealed with a kiss,


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