New tool! Get Naked!

Picou,_Henri_Pierre_-_Venus_-_19th_centuryI like to be naked. And now that I think of it, Venus does too! How often do we see her clothed?! i mean really!  😉

The nakedness I’m talking about however doesn’t just stop at the body. It’s also our souls. Vulnerability, a very trendy word these days, is just essentially the nakedness of our insides. Our hearts, our desires so that we can be easily felt and touched by life and love. I’s the ability to be naked in front of others.

In love, with men.

The nakedness of our hearts leads to greater intimacy in relationships.  It also leads to greater fulfillment  as a woman in love.

So the next time you feel closed up in front of a man.  Imagine undressing your heart.  Unclothing it, taking away every piece of whatever! that it’s been wearing…

This is also a great tool to use if you are on the phone with a man and wish to increase the closeness between you two.  It’s also wonderful if you are naked physically yet felt very distant from the man opposite you.

or lying next to you…on top of you…wherever 😉

Once your heart is fully unclothed.  Take a breathe.  And enjoy your increased level of vulnerability (touchability) in love.


ps. Use these tools with the best intentions…meaning…  we are not using these tools to fix something that is broken.  We are simply renovating 😉

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