New Teleseminar! “What sucks the juice right out of relationships…”

6yLSfU1428252297Take a second and ask yourself two questions:

1.How comfortable are you with your feelings?

Have an answer?
Now #2.

2.  How comfortable are you with your feelings when you’re with a man?

Was the answer different?  Or maybe you just feel completely uncomfortable when it comes to certain feelings.  maybe feeling them all together.  maybe you don’t even know how.

I was that woman. And it was awful. it made my love life miserable. Only I didn’t know why… but now I do…

Some of our biggest love ‘pushing away‘ habits occur when we either can’t feel our feelings with a man. or are too scared to.

And what happens when we don’t?

We are literally sabotaging our love lives by not feeling what’s going on inside of our hearts.

It is vital that we be able to feel our feelings.

I invite you to a call all about the power of emotions in love.  And how to use your feelings to create an incredible love life. Whether you are in a relationship right now or not. This is for all women.

In addition, This free teleseminar will also discuss  ~

~ Why men ARE NOT scared of your feelings.
~ Why men need to be with a woman who can feel her feelings.
~ What happens when emotions are not felt.
~ The importance of not letting our feelings run us.
~ Three ways we stop ourselves from feeling our feelings. Which way do you?
~ One of the BIGGEST defenses we use in love.
~ And  * What sucks the juice RIGHT out of relationships *

This call needs to happen.  Because what happens when we don’t feel our emotions… is too deadly.

We have feelings.  We need to accept it and realize that they are ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFTS WE HAVE AS WOMEN.

They are also one of our best allies in love. And what will help us create a successful, incredible love life.

Men fall in love with women who can feel their feelings.

It’s time you were one of them.


“What sucks the juice right out of relationships”

Saturday April 25th.
3:30pm EST/12:30 pm PST
Recording? you bet.

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