Mothering men

A lot of women tell Mars-Disarmed-by-Venus-and-the-Three-Gracesme they want a MAN!,

not a little boy…

if you’ve been experiencing/observing lots of immature, childish behavior of your man or the men you attract, look inside: I see a lot of women who ‘mother’ men.

And This may be going on for you too:

Do you mother men? Do you find yourself taking over their responsibilities? Do you tell them what to do? Remind them? Warn them? Teach them? Criticize them?

This is the fastest way to push a man a way OR make him act more like a little boy. it’s tiring and just really not sexy for you or for him.

I love children but i do not want a romantic relationship with one who is in the body of a grown up man. What do you want? I want a man who makes me feel even more like a woman when I am with him. And be a woman who makes her man feel like a MAN. and want to be a MAN. NOT a child.


Sealed with a kiss,




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