Modern Day Venus Speaks!…on beauty

Libra WallpaperIf our outer beauty is a reflection of our inner beauty — it is JUST as important.

Remember this is the vessel that houses your inner beauty.

Ignoring its importance, de-emphasizing it, devaluing it, ridiculing it, casting it aside, using it to manipulate to gain favors and attention or to please others is a VERY strong indication of a lack of beauty on the inside.

Or perhaps it is a fear of beauty itself.

I am proud that I am so beautiful inside AND out. And that this beauty is growing and shining more brightly everyday. I celebrate that.

It doesn’t make us bad to think we are beautiful. It doesn’t make us vain or conceited or arrogant to praise ourselves. Why would I walk around with such a low opinion of myself?

In fact, the more beauty I see in myself, the more I see in others and can celebrate it without jealousy and without fear.

With great love and beauty under my skin (and over 😉 ),


p.s. Go look at yourself in the mirror. You’re beautiful darling.

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