Modern Day Venus Speaks!: What do your relationships say about you?

Young beautiful couple in white dancing on the background of sunset

Last night I had a dream that the “About me” section of my website (insert small marketing here had disappeared. And I remember feeling really disconcerted about it. Where am I? Where is that information? I felt lost to me. If there’s not about me…who am I?

And then this morning. And it’s so apparent that it’s who I really am that matters. Not where I was that matters or even where I am, but where I am going. who I will be being that will help and inspire myself to even greater depths of love and connection and attraction and fun in relationships but my clients as well.

That Modern Day Venus, ladies, it’s already inside of us…let’s start being her. for real. all the way….

What do you want your “About me” in relationships to say?

Sealed with so much juicy open love,

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