Modern Day Venus Speaks! The Importance of Hide and Seek in Relationships

My man and I play hide and seek alot…but our version looks something like this:

I am chopping vegetables he comes up behind me, wraps his arms around me and says “Found you, moj Poklad (my treasure)”or I am writing something on the computer…he peeks his head around the door and says “I love you”.

..most of the time he is the one looking for me, finding me.

And in my opinion as a woman and love coach, this is how it should be. So many of us women, are wrapped up in ‘looking’ for our soulmates and finding the ‘one’, we often forget that WE are the treasures that must be sought after…we are the treasures men are seeking…

they want to continue catching us and we want to continue being found over and over again.


Written with great truth and great heart,

Amanda, modern day Venus :-*


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