Modern Day Venus Speaks!…on the nasty voice

Your mind is a beautiful thing — let it be full of positive reinforcement, inspiration, ideas and creations that you desire to have and experience in love – not the nasty voices of mistrust, worry, suspicion, fear, the what if’s, the what is he doing…

All of that is really just another shell that is blocking love from getting to you.

And it wants to!

It’s also just another way of saying you’re not good enough to have a great relationship and a great man…

Now is that GOOD ENOUGH for YOU?


Let me know by commenting below.  What thoughts keep coming up for you?  Which ones are you struggling with?  How do they make you feel? And how are they affecting your relationship?

Lots of love,

Amanda, Modern Day Venus

p.s. For more information about the nasty voice and support check out –

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