Modern Day Venus Speaks!…on how to be authentic

I hmighty-aphrodite-rising-out-of-the-sea-foamear so many people talk about being authentic… it’s a word that’s become very en vogue especially in relationship talk and the realm of attracting men.

I actually find it really frustrating when I hear coaches say “Be authentic! or just Be Yourself!”  Well, that’s great! But How?

This is actually one of the most frequently asked questions by women who come to me. “How do I be authentic?”

A lot of women are curious and also desperate to have this information because of the amazing effect this has on men and having better relationships.

It’s true! Authenticity does create incredible attraction and feelings of safety for a man —

It’s like a golden and very potent combination for a great relationship – whether you’re just beginning or 20 years in…

And the challenge for so many woman who have encountered difficulties in attracting a man or maintaining a great romantic relationship is that

over time they’ve picked up habits and ways of behaving and reacting that block them from connecting to who they are in that moment.

It also blocks love from coming to them.

And men from coming toward them.

So what happens is women are responding to life, to relationships, to triggers, to men, from old, ingrained programming instead of how they really feel and are in that moment.

Here’s a quick way and a quick tool to become instantly more authentic (which is a just a fancy way of saying being “the real you”)

1.Take a deep breathe. Imagine there is a zipper at the nape of our neck all the way down to your belly button.

2.Imagine the color and size of the zipper. Is it blue and bulky? or white and

3. Now gently pull the zipper down very, very slowly, allowing your fingers to trace along your chest until you reach your belly button.

4.Breathe into that new space. Do you feel how much more open it feels?

5.  Take a few seconds, however long you need until a feeling surfaces…what comes up?

Agitation? Loneliness? Feeling free?  Excited?

This is how you are AUTHENTICALLY feeling in that moment.  This is the real you at this moment in time…Will you feel this way in 10 minutes?  Probably not.  And that is ok!

Even if you couldn’t find an emotion – that is ok too!  You might be shut down or closed and that is actually a feeling too.

Give this a whirl throughout the day – the more you do it the easier and more natural it becomes to be aware of WHATEVER you are feeling.

There are many ways of being authentic besides how we feel at that moment. And yet our feelings as women are one of our most precious gifts.

Stay tuned for how to be vulnerable and draw men in even more…
And for continued guidance and support  on how to be authentic –  I’m talking, radiantly, deeply and deliciously real in your femininity and with men, set up a free 30 minute session with me – you’ll leave way more authentic and incredibly incredibly attractive.

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