Modern Day Venus Speaks!…on finding the ‘one’

Focusing too much on finding the ‘one‘ is working against in you love.

It just is.

By putting a ton of pressure on you.

And it also makes for a lot of great opportunities to beat yourself up, the longer ‘he’ doesn’t show up.

That’s a terrible feeling. And going there isn’t going to get that man or that relationship.

In fact, it’s pushing them away.  A man wants to be with a woman who can accept herself, even her mistakes, her falls, her challenges.

So let’s do  something that will help you!

Take a deep breathe.

Go ahead and shake your body! Arms! Legs! Head! shake all that yuck out!

This tool is called the “Refocus and Regroup”


1. Group all of that energy you placed on finding a man and place it on having A GREAT romantic relationship.

Literally take your hands and imagine scooping up all that energy you have placed on finding that one guy.  And place it down gently to a new area.  Your love relationship. The relationship of your dreams. All the bells and whistles you are looking for…smooth your hand over it, pet it, kiss it, put love all over it…

Now Reframe!

Reframe what isn’t working for you.

Like “finding a man and a good one at that is so hard.”


“Finding that one special man who will love and adore me forever is impossible”


the belief that:

YOU are so luscious and so attractive that there are thousands of guys out there and THEY ALL WANT YOU!

That is going to make you feel way better..

It may even make your the ‘one’ a whole lot more motivated to FIND YOU…

Now how does that feel?

Sealed with a kiss,

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