Modern Day Venus Speaks!…on being sexy

This is different to what I normally write here…it’s more of a Poetry Post…expressing what it feels like to truly be a Modern Day Venus!…unabashedly, unashamedly real and straight from my heart.

Enjoy! xo


“I think there is something SO sexy in a woman

who knows herself,

who goes deep to find what’s been hidden or pushed away,

who hugs herself when she is sad and aching,

who lets herself moan in delight,

who accepts what is ugly or misshapen or “broken”,

who ditches the drama and the fear for unbridled, unadulterated passion…

and uses THAT to fuel her adventure into the jungles of her heart and her life searching for the ultimate treasure! –

extraordinary love
the tender and deep closeness with her beloved,
unquenchable uncontainable unstoppable HAPPINESS! –

knowing she cannot fail; because she IS the prize already…”

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