Modern Day Venus Speaks!…on being loved for who you are

Dare-to-be-YouI found this photo over the weekend and fell madly in love…no I’m not exaggerating; for me this happens often and wonderfully.

And I love what it’s saying here because when I look around it seems as though

most of the time we’re either trying to fit in or be unique.

And I’ve often found myself caught between the two.

Does this sound familiar?

We want to fit in because we want to be liked and approved of.

We want to be unique because we want to be special and stand out.

Well what if we could be both?

What if we could be both liked and approved of as well as feel special?

What if we were already unique?

Just because we were US? you were YOU? I was ME?

And that THIS was our best, greatest, and deepest opportunity to be liked? to be accepted? to stand out and make our own mark?

And I want to take this further…

because at Birth of Venus Coaching I am all about Radiance AND Romance.

How many times have you said, you want to be loved for who you are? The real you…

Well you can.

It all starts with being exactly who you are.

 Sealed with a kiss,


p.s.  I feel more loved than EVER before by men. by me.  And I’m inviting 11 women for personal coaching to have just that in their lives.  Are you in?

Become a Modern Day Venus!


pps. Don’t dare to be different, dare to be YOU.

The more ME I become, the more FREE I become!  “Free your heart and Capture His!”






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