Modern Day Venus Speaks!…and sleeps ;-)

My boschlaefenschonheitdy really needed it. So I rested and slept this afternoon. And I left the bed a different woman!!

This is something I recommend to all the women I work with… It sounds so simple and yet how many of us actually take the time to rest when our bodies are dragging? when our eyes feel heavy and dry? when we find ourselves pushing and pushing to get through the day on a quarter of the energy needed for all those tasks?

With rest, I and all the women I work with are able to digest information more thoroughly and are able to embody new changes and habits that much faster.

What does that mean? Better, LASTING results- faster!

What does THAT mean?

Better, Lasting relationships!!

And that without all the pushing…remember it is our feminine essence to be relaxed, to be energetic…both of which thrive on rest. So Sleep well sleeping beauties!




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