Modern Day Venus Moment: Space can be GOOD

10849734_10105305379379115_5568342297401117285_nI had some amazing girl time this week with two of my chummiest friends.

Each time I returned, I came home to a wonderful surprise.

The first night ~ I walked home to freshly vacuumed floors and a sound I hadn’t heard for months…
My man had fixed our fountain! It was bubbling and gurgling again, finally! omg I missed it! And the soothing, happy trickle filled my heart.

The second night ~ I came home to a GORGEOUS bouquet of roses. these exact ones! yellow darlings..  (I think they look like they’re smiling. Do you?) Now, My prince wasn’t there but I could feel his love and devotion so strongly.

It was magical. Magical!

Now Am I saying go out so your man will do what you want?  or buy you flowers?  or fix things that you wanted fixed?
NO. that’s playing a game.

Modern Day Venuses are real.  And men LOVE this.

But Here’s what I did:
I expressed the desire for each of these things…I asked my man if he would vacuum the floors…I told him a few times wistfully how much i missed the sound of the fountain…and I say often how much getting flowers means to me.

And here’s what I am saying:
When I trained with one of the most powerful and wonderful relationship coaches, Rori Raye… we were taught a very powerful mantra which I usually share only with my clients. However, the last line of this fits so well…


I honestly don’t care anymore if my man vacuums on Mondays or Tuesdays or what kind of flowers he will bring me and when. Instead I trust that he knows how much these things please me. I trust he will follow through. I trust that he always, I repeat, ALWAYS has my best intentions at heart.

and like magic, it happens…

Everytime, I am surprised. and delighted.

and we fall in love more…

Sealed with a kiss <3,


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